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The Demand for Pre op Trans Escorts in London

Pre op Trans Escorts in London

This is a subject which we can spend discussing for a while because it’s such a diverse thing when it comes to subjects, There are many reasons why pre op trans escorts in london are preferred over post op. The main reason is because what makes them attractive especially to clients is the she cock. Is the Beautiful Cock they have between there legs. This is the ultimate fantasy for a client to be with a sexy exotic feminine shemale but also experience the cock they have been dreaming about it’s actually a great reason why it’s to explain why they are such in demand.

It’s what has people talking and excited to see a beautiful trans escort with her magnificent cock ready and hard eager to please all her clients one at a time. Plus most pre op trans escorts are able to escort and move around freely. Not every trans escort is pre op but we can easily say about 90% will keep all there body parts in tact. It’s a dangerous & complicated surgery for them to get there Cock removed. it’s only performed in a few countries. Where you can’t really find any regulated doctor who can perform this surgery and you not have lifetime complications. That’s another reason why trans escorts tend to stay away from removal surgery.

Always Stick to Pre op Tans Escorts in London

As a client stick to a pre op trans escorts in London they make sure you have that experience you have been to eagerly searching for. Don’t allow anyone else to tell you it’s not what you should experience. Plus the fact is having any service with a post op trans escorts is just not the same.

They have removed the one thing that makes them different & plus they have nothing left to replace it. If a trans escort wants to escort for a living. Then removing your cock is not the way forward. Now if a trans escort in london decides to move away from escorting & live a private life, not be excepting clients or engaging in any spotlight & is truly conflicted in there feelings then yes they have can arrange to have it removed.

But from a medical research stand point if this kind of surgery is not performed in Western Europe countries then it is not safe. That is the complete truth. As a client if your looking to make your fantasy become a great reality then stick to the sexy sensation that a pre op trans escort in london truly is.