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Dating a ladyboy in Dubai

Dating a ladyboy in Dubai

Firstly and the most important factor that you need to take into consideration when it comes to referring as a ladyboy especially if you’re based in the Middle East in any gulf  nation is that we are speaking predominantly about a very conservative and Muslim country dating a ladyboy or a transgender woman from the LGBTQ community within the gulf Nations carries its risks and severe Ignorance by itself has an atrocious track record

When it comes to people who have been known to have  gay sexualities who are lesbian or transgender people their human right records regarding this part of society is extremely poor so if you are someone who is based in Dubai and is looking to have a starter relationship with a transgender person always is careful of your surroundings the extremely vigilant of who you are engaging with because it could be a trap by the local authority or someone can report you and they will take severe action they follow a law which is called Sharia law which is a very strict form of Islamic law which is implemented in the everyday lifestyle

Just because you see big huge skyscrapers doesn’t mean & has become the playground for the rich and famous that does not mean that it doesn’t carry a significant amount of conservatism and ignorance it is a Muslim country it is in the Gulf of The Middle East it is it shares a border with Saudi Arabia Qatar, Oman. 

These small little factors themselves should indicate to you that no being with a ladyboy in Dubai is not safe for anyone you should always practice vigilance there are many other countries where you can have a relationship with a transgender person without feeling the need that you’re about to be crucified or potentially put yourself or your loved one at risk that’s why in this blog we are pleading with you to do not expose your sexuality

There have been hundreds of cases of gay individuals transgender people being completely scrutinized abused in the gel system their rights are never the same as a normal straight person you will always find Prejudice especially in a country where the religion is mixed in with politics having said this as long as you remain extremely lucky and you do still want to have a relationship with this beautiful person that you have fallen in love with then you’re more than welcome to but you have to take into consideration that risks if they are worth the reward you can visit different countries where LGBTQ people are treated fairly most of the European countries

You will find a more lenient attitude the United States is another great country that has made leaps of progress when it comes to the LGBT community as well as New Zealand Canada or Australia most developed countries recognize anybody sexuality as their own choice unfortunately Dubai is not such a country so whatever you do please the extra careful do not expose yourself unnecessarily and put yourself in any harms way.